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Site Creation

Have you ever entered a site and felt uncomfortable? It is the same as entering an outdated site, with broken links and no information. Your site generates trust and authority, for your customer.

Google Business Profile

96% of Americans search for companies on Google before taking any action. An optimized form, boosts the disclosure of your company, in the search network and map network (Google Maps).

traffic manager

The best way to leverage your sales. Through strategies, we use the largest internet platforms (Google, Facebook, Instagram), to bring more customers to your company.

Mission 1 - Strategy

Understanding the client's needs, we verify the flaws in its structure, and develop specific strategies.

Mission 2 - Performance

The execution of the strategy is done periodically with performance analysis, checking strengths and weaknesses.

Mission 3 - Improvement

We apply continuous improvements to the strategies, with changes to the weak points and improvements to the strong points.


We believe that advertising your company, where all the eyes of the world are, will make a difference! We offer services for local businesses, and medium-sized companies.


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Ótimo atendimento, muito profissional, sempre pronto pra atender todas as dúvidas, focado, preocupado com os resultados, vai muito além do marketing digital, dá dicas de atendimento, de melhorias na loja em geral! Serviço excelente!
igor H.
igor H.
Excelente empresa, Os serviços da Big Marketing Digital alavancaram meus negócios e fizeram uma diferença muito grande.
Leandro Neves
Leandro Neves
Nota 1000! Conseguiram da um upgrade nas vendas da minha loja. Em menos de 3 meses meu faturamento subiu quase 50%, muito obrigado.. vamos continuar subindo esses números com a ajuda de vocês. ? Um agradecimento especial ao Luciano que foi muitoo acertivo na estratégia que desenvolveu para o meu negócio.
Pâm Queiroz
Pâm Queiroz
A minha experiência com a BIG foi ótima! Retorno excelente!

About BIG

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Big Digital Marketing is a company specialized in outlining Digital Marketing Strategies for Small and Medium Enterprises, to obtain a positioning on the internet, even with little money.

We help our clients grow through Digital Marketing Strategies, Paid Traffic, Google My Business, Google ADS, Facebook ADS, Instagram ADS and Advertising. We operate in the United States.

Our focus is, through strategies in digital marketing, to consolidate our client on the Internet and increase its revenues.

Luciano Borges

Marketing Management

"In a few years there are going to be two kinds of companies: Those that do business over the Internet, and those that are out of business." - Bill Gates

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